I'm KTB {KAYtee - Bee}

A 24 year old passion fruit, with an indescribable love of colour and differences in culture around the World. I have been experiencing the joyful and challenging journey of running my own small business in Brisbane for the past seven years.

I’d like to be the go-to Australian Photographer in the industry that Creative Artists come seek out when they are in need of a striking, impressive and punchy new promotional portrait. 

Current Work

  • The Bombshell Burlesque and Beauty Academy 

  • The Australian Academy of Cinemagraphic Make-Up 

  • Brisbane NewsCorp Photographer

  • Creative Arts Industry Photographer

KTB is by far my favourite photographer I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with - combining her fun attitude to life with her passion for her craft has resulted in a few very exciting and well done photoshoots.
— Jacob Irvine (Actor), 2012

Got something to make my heart sparkle? 

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 Freestone - Queensland, Australia

Freestone - Queensland, Australia

You are fantastically creative and have such clarity of vision. You are one of the only young artists who I have come in contact with, who have truly mastered the balance between fine elegance and complete chaos inside of their work...
— Gordon Thompson, 2012
 Angkor Wat - Cambodia. Image by  Doug Shobbrook

Angkor Wat - Cambodia. Image by Doug Shobbrook

Every professional encounter with Caitlin has been above my expectations. Caitlin is a very enthusiastic, highly creative and energetic photographer. who has always performed with great professionalism and reliability.
— Randy G (PowerMouth Entertainment)