SEASONS OF LOVE | April 2018

How good is the song 'Spring Affair'? And 'I Feel Love'?

I thought Donna Summer's album cover was a fine example of spectacular and simple; knowing my disco dreams would come true if I went ahead to recreate it.  I used a three light setup for this one, especially to help with the glow - a key light was clearly a must. I placed a quarter of my gluteus maximus on a small IKEA bedside table and step ladder for my legs. As unglamorous as it was, I felt very powerful and goddess-like after seeing the right shot. A lot of core & muscle pain to get those fine Summer legs into place though! Go listen to Donna today! 


JUNEBUG | March 2018

If you haven't heard B52's 'Junebug' on their Cosmic Thing album from 1989; soak it into your soul right now.

This image was inspired by the cute, psychedelic sounds it sparkles into your ears. It also feels nostalgic to me as I always remember rockin' out to it with my Father.