ZEBRALUTION is a campaign/series of shoots symbolic of animalistic detail thats purpose is to create awareness of vegan based / cruelty free products (especially Make-Up). This fashionable and edgy approach is to express that it is easy to make the right decisions and get the same, if not better, effect. 

A Make-Up Challenge dedicated to yourself, your peers and especially our Animals!

ZEBRALUTION (ktbdesign.net/zebralution/) is looking for dedicated, passionate & professional make-up artists to submit a look using Cruelty Free Make-Up. If we love your work, we will be posting it with our shoots - and perhaps even gain a chance to work with us on an upcoming shoot throughout 2014. You are fine to shoot 'selfies' and all other creative outlets - however we will be most impressed with a professional portrait. 

This is an ongoing challenge throughout 2014. Fill the form below at any time if you're seeking the opportunity to create awareness as a creative team for a very important cause. 

Make-Up Challenge

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